Friday, March 6, 2009

People Protecting Communities

In just a few weeks a representative from People Protecting Communities (PPC) will be coming to 3E-COE to talk to us about what they are doing to prevent a landfill from coming to Rush Township. Not just any landfill mind you, but the largest landfill east of the Mississippi River constructed by Resource Recovery LLC (RRLLC). Notice the green background at their website, an obvious ploy to play on the green as the coolest thing in marketing. The proposed site would go from 5,800 acres of mixed-use area and wilderness to a dump with an incinerator.

There is a recently added proposal to reconvert ten miles of rail-trail into an industrial rail line for waste disposal (pictured here). It would rip away a community-building asset for leisure, relaxation, and connection and turning it into a severing artery for the flow of thousands of tons of waste. The proposed train, as far as I understand it, would bring 55 rail cars of trash to the site 6 days a week. (People don't produce trash on Sundays?) What would that train look like?

That. Full of garbage. There are those who will say that trash has to go somewhere. True. But this is just another delay of the real problem of total waste. Endless packaging and endless throw-away culture and commodities. This is, to me, another side of the fight regarding disposable single-use water bottles. People need to reduce their waste outputs and saying "NO!" to this kind of land "development" is one way to start.

Here are PPC's 100 reasons to say no.If you're interested in learning more or joining this fight, visit their website or take action.

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