Friday, February 19, 2010

Brooklyn School Farmyard

Check this out guys.

Food. We love it and can’t live without it. It keeps us happy, healthy, and smart. We’re making local, organic food available to everyone, one yard at a time. And we need your help to keep the mission alive.

Based in Brooklyn, BK Farmyards transforms under-utilized land into tasty edible landscapes. We partner with homeowners, schools, developers, and community members to build micro-farms and distribute produce weekly. Not only can the community follow the food from seed to table, they are helping us build a much-needed alternative to the abundance of cheap processed foods and fast-food restaurants. We rely exclusively on the power of volunteers and the endless energy of the bk team instead of gas-guzzling machinery. We strive to make our food so affordable that anyone can access fresh food.

In 2009, we have done so much with so little, feeding 6 people for 12 weeks off of 600 square feet in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. A lot of people really loved the idea: visit a video of Foxtrot, our first micro-farm

If you'd like to donate to the project or learn more go to this link.

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