Monday, April 27, 2009

Living on Earth's educational outreach

The show Living on Earth on PRI has been devoted to reporting on the state of the ecosystem for years. I never knew that they had an educational outreach component too!
Living on Earth’s Ecological Literacy Project engages middle and high school students in a science-based exploration of their local environment and trains them in professional radio production.

The following are some examples of the students’ work:
Camden High School, New Jersey
Queen of Peace High School, Chicago
Northside College Preparatory School, Chicago
Now that's something to consider going into the future. If the school you work in has a radio program, then engage those who want to do media in fighting for and reporting on a sustainable life.

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  1. I am envisioning a whole integrated/interdsicplinary curriculum around such reporting, which could involve radio, but could also include print media and community education. How can you get this organization to come and work with you and your students?

    Also, the radio segment on the Camden community garden is really excellent, dealing with dedication to community, and the restorative power of gardening and interacting with other animals and plants.