Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Food's in the Gutter

Suzanne Forsling, a resident of Juneau, Alaska, devised a system of "gutter gardening" for enabling, what I might call, "high-density gardening," allowing people to grow vegetables in a limited space and with limited monetary expense.
(To the left is a picture of Forsling's gutter garden. "My [garden] overfloweth.")
This is a wonderful way to think about gardening in cities and other areas where you do not have a lot of space to grow food. The garden seems to be quite productive at, and appropriate for, the household level. With your own compost, and there are some compact strategies for this, too, one of these gardens could be mightily self-sustaining. I find the gutter garden's similarity to terraced agriculture rather exciting. Nutrients and water from the top plot can fall to the levels beneath it, for example.
Last summer, the Juneau Empire ran an article that you can access here:

(This, to your right, is an image of a salad Forsling made with vegetables from the garden.)

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