Friday, May 29, 2009

PA Legislators Want To Store CO2 In the Ground

Some Pennsylvania legislators, notably Gov. Ed Rendell, want to allow power companies to capture carbon dioxide emissions and put them into the ground. Both PennEnvironment and Sierra Club Pennsylvania support this initiative, but there are some concerns.
"There's potential for sequestration to work in Pennsylvania, but the million-dollar word is potential," [Nathan] Willcox [of PennEnvironment] said. "It's never been done and we are not at all sure that it's going to work."

If it doesn't work, the risks range from gradual leakage, which would only be a waste of effort and energy, to low probability but high-risk scenarios such as contaminating the water supply or a catastrophic release of carbon dioxide all at once.
"It could potentially cause earthquake-like activities, and under the bill that has been introduced, the state would be liable for any of these side effects," [Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter Director] Jeff Schmidt said.
I say we keep our eyes on this issue.

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  1. I love that a totally unproven technology might be legislated into existence at the risk of a "catastrophic release of carbon dioxide." This is all theory with no practice.