Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hydration stations in the Collegian

The water-bottle filling stations are getting more press in today's Daily Collegian. Best of all, it contains an argument from a university employee disparaging bottled water.

Eco-Action joined forces with 3E-COE, another on-campus environmental group, and OPP to bring the hydration stations to campus. There are multiple reasons to stop using bottled water, OPP spokesman Paul Ruskin said. Bottled water is not guaranteed to be good drinking water, unlike the water from the hydration stations. In addition, plastic water bottles are expensive and contribute to waste. Plastic bottles even drain fossil fuels because of how heavy they are to ship. The university is not planning on banning bottled water, but Ruskin said OPP wants to make another option available.

"Bottled water is convenient, but it's unnecessary," Ruskin said. "In the long term, bottled water is not a good thing."

That's what we like to hear. Even if the change comes slowly, we now have it from the horse's mouth so to speak. Bottled water is not sustainable.

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