Monday, January 25, 2010

Our water efforts in the PSU Newswire

Here we have it from the source itself: the Penn State Newswire.

University Park, Pa. -- New drinking water filling stations around campus are giving ecoconscious students, staff and faculty another good reason to pack their own water bottles.

The sensor-activated filling stations easily accommodate reusable drinking cups and larger containers. They feature a touchless dispenser with an automatic shutoff timer. The filling stations diminish the convenience of using plastic water bottles that are taking over landfills and littering roadways. Plastic bottles, which decompose poorly, have been the target of numerous ecology-interest groups, including 3E-COE (Environment, Ecology, Education in the College of Education).

The piece goes on to detail some of our efforts including our consciousness raising, water testing in the College of Education, and our collaboration with OPP. It's good to see that our activism has made a difference. What we do matters. As a teacher, that's deeply satisfying.

Good job guys!
UPDATE: Not minutes after posting this I received an email from someone in the library who wants to get the refillable stations there! News can spread fast.

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