Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mark your calendars! Panel discussion on Climate Change and Justice

We have the amazing good fortune to have people who can talk substantively about the climate change talks and (in)justice issues that climate change brings to the forefront. I really encourage everyone to go to this talk.

Last fall I served on a panel with Dr. Tuana about sustainability and the need for interdisciplinary work at the Educating for Sustainability Conference. Dr. Brown was the moderator. It was a pretty interesting panel that reinforced my strong conviction that we need to integrate traditional disciplines, examine our assumptions about what we do as citizens and professionals, and evaluate our collected work with conviviality and the common ecological good in heart and mind. Additionally, I have had the good fortune of working with Don Brown (a regular contributor to Climate Ethics) as an assistant for the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium. Dr. Brown is the current chair. Erik Foley is our new sustainability coordinator at Penn State. I've had several meetings with him and he has quite a job to do - "greening" our university so to speak. I have not yet met Dr. Tschakert.

Check it out.

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