Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attack coal on the triple-bottom line

Take some action for the future triple-bottom line. Work for the health of broader community, for a new economy, and for the natural environment. Let's get the EPA to recognize coal ash as a hazardous waste. You might wonder how it hasn't been for all this time but...well...the power of the coal lobby is amazing.

Coal combustion and its waste products generate some of the worst pollution today. There is no getting around the facts of the matter. It defiles ecosystems. Destroys watersheds. Creates filthy poisonous rivers and lakes. It spits ash into the air. Communities that are built upon its alleged economic benefits live with cancer, emphyzema, and more. [For a backtrack at this blog see posts here, here, here, and here.]

For generations we, as a people, have generally accepted this uglification as "the cost of doing business." It happens over there to those people, too often caricatured as "white trash" in Appalachia, undereducated rednecks who keep choosing that life. If they want to be poisoned, so be it.

Perhaps, no more. I just got the following (paraphrased) in my email.
One of the head attorneys working with the EPA has said that EPA could classify coal ash as a hazardous waste. He met with Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the EPA, who has postponed their decision until the end of January. They are under extreme pressure from the coal industry to compromise the hazardous classification for a weaker "hybrid-hazardous" classification that allows dangerous loopholes. If there were ever a time that our calls and emails could make a difference, the time is now.

There are two numbers to call to press Lisa Jackson to go ahead.
202-395-3080 - Office of Management and Budget
202-564-4700 - Lisa Jackson's Office

Call and say: "I support classification of fly ash as a hazardous waste."

To move toward a more sustainable society and one that not only says it values clean water, air, and soil but one that shows that it values clean water, air, and soil, we need to take this step. Please call.

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