Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's go for a coal-free campus

A new friend of ours from Sierra Club has just alerted me that we have a chance to be part of moving us a little closer to freeing us from the choke of coal.

Sierra Club’s Coal-Free Campus Campaign at Penn State will be kicking off the semester with a press conference tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:30am on the South Side (lawn-side) of Old Main. We're releasing a national report detailing coal use on university campuses, which is featuring Penn State. We're gonna be launching an effort to retire Penn State's 80-year-old coal plant and clear the way for clean energy, as part of an nationwide campaign, led by the Sierra Club, on more than 60 college campuses. PSU students Rose Monahan and Melissa Hannum will talk about the problem with Penn State's coal use and we'll be calling on our administration to lead the country in building a clean energy future.

The event will run from 11:30-11:50, and will be attended by local media outlets.

What: Coal-Free Campus Media Event this Wednesday Sept 16th @ 11:30 by Old Main's south entrance.

We hope you can make it by for the event--we could use your support! The more people we have there, the bigger the message will be. If you're able to attend, do your best to wear a Penn State shirt to show the Lion Pride that's behind clean energy here on campus. Definitely bring your friends who also want clean energy, and if you can make it at 11:20 to help hold a sign or join the crowd, all the better!

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  1. Peter thanks so much for putting this announcement up on the 3-Eco blog! The event was a huge success, with Rose and Melissa making strong statements with about 12 students behind them holding signs, and a 23-pound pile of charcoal in front to represent the coal we burn every 5 seconds.

    Keep an eye out for stories in the Collegian, Centre Daily, WPSU radio, WJAC-TV, and the October issue of Voices. The press conference was coordinated nationally, as the Sierra Club released a nationwide report featuring Penn State and 10 other schools who are wrestling with the conflict between a sustainable image and campus coal plants. The story has been picked up by the AP and is running in the NYTimes, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, and LA Times!

    Peter, thanks again for your help and support--we're looking forward to a really exciting semester and we hope 3-Eco and Sierra Club can do a lot of good work together to move the Penn State community in the right direction.