Monday, September 14, 2009

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

We are going to be watching The Real Dirt on Farmer John at our meeting this week at 8 pm in 134 Cedar Building. From the film's website:
The epic tale of a maverick Midwestern farmer. An outcast in his community, Farmer John bravely stands amidst a failing economy, vicious rumors, and violence. By melding the traditions of family farming with the power of art and free expression, this powerful story of transformation and renewal heralds a resurrection of farming in America.
It's a tale of redemption through organic farming and artistic expression. I guess I wonder if "farmer John" is the kind of person we think of as "an educated person." Let's get together and see!

Watch the trailer!

I like Rotten Tomatoes which gave it an 88%. Pretty good!

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