Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Come to the Schreyer Educating for Sustainability Conference

Penn State is showing a continued investment in sustainability by bringing together a conference on sustainability that focuses on what people at Penn State are doing and can do. From the website:
Educating for Sustainability will energize faculty, staff, students and administrators to infuse environmental sustainability into the curriculum, and thereby broaden Penn State's capacity to address significant challenges related to energy and the environment. Because these challenges will require assessing ethical consequences and communicating effectively with the public and policy makers, as well as competencies for conducting scientific research and creating successful design solutions, this conference will be relevant to a broad audience.
A list of speakers can be found here (featuring yours truly). Panels cover topics as varied as nutrition, inter-disciplinary work, student activism and action, best practices, what our campus is doing, research and more.

What is the hope for the conference?
  • Present the case for environmental sustainability as a university/institutional core value
  • Promote sustainability in all sectors of higher education, but particularly the scholarly/academic arena
  • Showcase Penn State experts who are national leaders in the ethics and science of sustainability
  • Design a plan for infusing sustainable development concepts and good practices throughout the curriculum
  • Publicize the need for inclusion of educational experiences addressing the urgency of climate change and provide opportunities for students to consider related career choices
  • Provide avenues for taking action, such as opportunities to endorse statements by disciplinary communities, Freshman pledge and graduation pledge
  • Offer tracked sessions for administrators, faculty, staff, and students
If you are interested in registering click here. It's FREE!!! This is what we do and want to do even better.

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