Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Drinking fountains in downtown State College?

The Daily Collegian posted a great article about a resident who would like to provide funds for the borough to install two public drinking fountains.

How awesome is that?? This citizen, Joe Banks, has also been "responsible" for some parks in the county. What the author means by responsible, I'm not sure. I wonder if this means that Banks was instrumental in having the parks created or if he oversees them.

Anywho, the article was a nice reminder to the university community that plastic water bottle use is reprehensible. The author included a staggering statistic from the Environmental Defense Fund: "Less than 20% of the 28 billion single serving water bottles are recycled each year." Not surprising, but still shocking.

I'm hoping we can get Mr. Banks to join 3E-COE. Anyone know him?


  1. This is a great idea. Look up his number in the phone book and give him a call.
    Don't you love this:

    "Downtown Improvement District Executive Director Jody Alessandrine said Bank's plan is a good idea at first glance -- water fountains would augment shopping experiences and help the environment, he said.
    However, he would be interested in seeing a cost-benefit analysis before the fountains are installed, keeping health concerns, maintenance and the water bill in mind."

    I thought that public works are done sometimes despite cost for the public good.

  2. I don't know what there is to analyze in terms of cost and benefit, seems too obvious.