Friday, February 13, 2009

Trash Conflict

Here's a curriculum resource that I recently stumbled across at Teaching for Change's webstore. It might help satisfy the need of those among our number who want to teach across subject areas and engage students in critical ecological and social justice inquiry.
Trash Conflicts is a curriculum resource that utilizes both science and social studies to "[promote] deeper understanding of the impact of waste production and disposal. It goes beyond awareness and increasing students' appreciation of natural resources [by] initiating critical thinking, decision making, responsibility, and empowerment. The curriculum starts where children are and moves them through a careful analysis of a complex series of interrelated issues, which include technology, economics, power, race, and class" (from Educators for Social Responsibility webstore, at

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  1. wow! i just found your blog. i actually homeschool my 16 year old daughter and she is very interested in ecology. i can't wait to check out these resources and use them in our curriculum. thanks so much.