Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meeting this Wednesday

Hi all. Meeting this Wednesday in 209 Chambers. Now that THON is coming to an end we might get some more members back into the fold.

Alex has some news for us on the water bottle issue and I think we should talk about a teach-in later in the semester that could be paired with a taste test (see the Penn & Teller taste test in the previous post).

Zach has suggested that we discuss the Environmental Education certification curriculum at Penn State. We can look at its components and maybe see what we can learn from it and see if it is something that some of you might want to consider doing. The head of the program, Dr. Murry Nelson, is someone with whom we might want to have some familiarity as well. Should I ask him to meet us sometime?

If you can put the flier at right to good use, print it out and post it. Also, invite your friends.
NOTE AND UPDATE: I met with a woman today who works for the Centre County Youth Service Bureau who has a garden in a local Section 8 housing community. They need help. I think that we can use this as an opportunity for one or more of you looking to get your 80 hours of pre-service work in. Anyway, I invited Ali to come to tomorrow's meeting to talk to us. We can still do all of our other stuff.

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